The Challenge
As an African Caribbean parent it can be quite challenging to find items such as books and toys that are representative of your child’s heritage. It is important that children see themselves reflected in the books and toys that they interact with to ensure that they have a healthy sense of themselves.

The Solution
The Very Puzzled Africa Map Puzzle is definitely something that you can get stuck into that is rewarding with 100 pieces and each country on the continent of Africa is represented. The jigsaw puzzle includes a wide variety of landmarks, monuments and attractions that has been designed to provide endless fun and topics of discussion that can be used as a fun way to learn and interact for both children and adults. The puzzle will stimulate your child’s natural curiosity and provide ample opportunities to supplement and support the school curriculum.

About Us
Very Puzzled has a very simple mission to provide children and young adults of African Caribbean heritage with products that are reflective of their culture and heritage.

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