African Music All-Star Game

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Type: All-stars

Celebrate the rhythm and soul of Africa with the African Music All-Star Game, a dynamic and entertaining card game that brings the continent's rich musical heritage to life. This game features 36 illustrious African music stars, offering players an exciting way to learn about and appreciate the diverse musical genres and legendary artists from across Africa.


  • Illustrious Music Stars: The game showcases 36 iconic African musicians from various genres, including Afrobeat, Highlife, Hip Hop, Reggae, and more. Each card highlights the artist's achievements and contributions to the music world.
  • Educational and Fun: Designed to be both entertaining and informative, this game provides a fun way to learn about African music history and its influential figures. Perfect for music lovers and learners of all ages.
  • High-Quality Design: The cards are crafted with durable materials to ensure long-lasting use. Each card features vibrant illustrations and detailed information, making the game visually appealing and engaging.
  • Family-Friendly: Suitable for players of all ages, the African Music All-Star Game is easy to learn and play, making it ideal for family game nights, classrooms, and group activities.
  • Cultural Celebration: The game promotes cultural awareness and appreciation, highlighting the rich and diverse musical heritage of Africa.

Game Details:

  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Recommended Age: 5+
  • Playtime: 20-40 minutes
  • Contents: 36 illustrated cards featuring African football stars, game instructions

Why You'll Love It: The African Music All-Star Game is more than just a card game—it's a celebration of African music and a tribute to the continent's most influential artists. It provides a unique and enjoyable way to learn about the contributions of African musicians while engaging in friendly competition. Perfect for family gatherings, educational purposes, or as a thoughtful gift for music enthusiasts, this game is a must-have for anyone interested in African music and culture.