Kenya Map Poster

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Situated on the equator on Africa's east coast, Kenya has been described as "the cradle of humanity".  Kenya is famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves, it’s wildlife is probably the most famous in the world.  Wildlife is protected in reserves extending to 45,500 sq km, or some eight per cent of the total land area. Inland are populous highlands famed for both their tea plantations.  Kenya’s western provinces, marked by lakes and rivers, are forested, while a small portion of the north is desert and semidesert. The country’s diverse wildlife and panoramic geography draw large numbers of tourists which is an important contributor to Kenya’s economy. In the Great Rift Valley palaeontologists have discovered some of the earliest evidence of man's ancestors.  Along that coast, which holds some of the finest beaches in Africa, are predominantly Muslim Swahili cities such as Mombasa, a historic centre that has contributed much to the musical and culinary heritage of the country.  The capital of Kenya is Nairobi, a sprawling metropolis with modern skyscrapers. Kenya has many notable citizens that include Kikuyu writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o, actress Lupita Nyong'o, activist Wangari Maathai, athlete David Rudisha, the father of former US President Barack Obama as well as many others. Kenya is rich and diverse in terms of it’s history and culture which you can explore and find out more about with the Very Puzzled Kenya map poster. The Very Puzzled Kenya map poster is an A2 poster that accurately reflects the map of Kenya each region of Kenya is represented with a variety of landmarks, monuments and attractions it will provide endless fun and topics of discussion that can be used as fun way to learn for both children and adults.
  • A contemporary and colourful map of Kenya
  • The poster size is A2
  • Suitable for all ages